A Hair Affair

A while back, a hairdresser who I work alongside at weddings from time to time, came down sick the night before a wedding booking- this is every stylist and makeup artist's WORST nightmare!!

It was absolutely awful, and I really felt bad for her because it's the last thing you expect or wish to happen on the day of a booking. She called me up the night before asking if I could help with hair, and although it's not my "specialty" I do love hairstyling, so I was glad I could help her out. Here are a few pics from the day!

Bridesmaid 1: I had some fun with sweet little twists that were pinned amongst the curls:

The back of her hair looked amazing amongst all of the highlights and curls!


Bridesmaid 2: Due to "Short Hair Restrictions", I created some bounce and messy curl with the amazing GHD straightener, finished off with some gloss spray:

Mother of the Bride:  She wanted me to create oomph and height throughout the crown, and to straighten her usually wavy hair: 

I don't claim to be a pro hairdresser, however, having rather unruly, thick hair myself, I get my fair share of practice at home! 
I love to style my own hair in all sorts of ways, and although I'm not formally trained as a hairdresser, I always love it when I get the opportunity to play "hairdresser" for day! 

I love to read books about hair, search through the large selection of uploaded youtube videos on hair styling, and teach myself different techniques by experimenting and playing around- that is the best way I learn (and in my opinion, the most fun way too!) 


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